Okay so I lied.  In my earlier post I was going to do “Three French Hens” next, but it was just this morning that I had an epiphany on how to draw “Two Turtle Doves.”   Amazing how your most brilliant ideas surface when you are on the potty. I know,  sorry TMI.  Well we all receive our ideas in different ways.

I started sketching stuff out while sitting on the front porch later this morning.   My plan was to sketch “Two Turtle Doves” and “Three French Hens.”   After I finished sketching the doves however, I just wanted to delve into the final piece right then.

For awhile I had planned to have the doves wearing turtle shells to reflect the play on words, but then I later thought, wouldn’t it be funny to have them confronted by two angry, half-naked  turtles wondering why these birds are wearing their clothes?

I hope to have this drawing wrapped up soon.  Until then,  here is my preliminary sketch.  It’s nice to draw something that you are excited about.


Comments on: "Two Turtle Doves – The Second Day of Christmas" (2)

  1. Oh, this is so clever. Love it!

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