I was reading a blog the other day and the author was talking about taking sermon notes during church services.  He also wrote about a particular pen that he used for writing and he felt that there was no other kind like it.

I can relate to that.  In my case, it happens to be a black Faber-Castell brush tip artist pen with India ink.  I’m not an expert at using the brush pen but I am getting the hang of it.  Brush pens are cool because you can control the thickness of the lines by applying the right pressure or angle.  Also, there is something incredibly amazing about using a black pen on a white surface.  I call it clarity.

I do use the pen to take sermon notes, but most of all I doodle with it like crazy.  Doodling helps me process things better.  I will tear up a church bulletin in a minute with my pen.  Oh, and I have to draw on a church bulletin.  I like the challenge of drawing around the printed area and using what little white space is left.  Lately, however, I find myself drawing on top of the print altogether.

I knew I was obsessed with my pen when I wouldn’t leave the house without making sure that it was in my purse.

One time during a meeting I was using it to take notes (and doodles) when someone next to me asked to borrow it for a second to jot something down.  I thought, this pen?  Surely, he didn’t mean it.  I didn’t want to fumble around in my purse for another so I reluctantly handed it over.

I could see and hear him scratching away furiously on his paper with my pen.  This unnerved me to the point that I had to look away towards the direction of the person who was speaking.  The scratching seemed to grow louder and louder and all I kept saying to myself was, just focus on the speaker!   Eventually, the pen was returned and there was no harm done, but those few seconds seemed like an eternity.

It goes to show you that when you use a particular tool on a frequent basis it becomes an extension of yourself.  I compare it to warriors and their swords. I would imagine that initial their reaction would have been the same as mine if asked the same type of question, except maybe there would be laughter, or dismemberment.

Here is some of my chicken scratch that I’ve drawn on the church bulletin.  I’ve made better ones, but many have been discarded to keep the clutter down to a minimum.   Our bulletins are printed in black and white and the pen designs integrate well enough that you would think that they were already there before.


Sadly, the pen is getting low on ink and the depth isn’t there like it used to be.  I need to go buy another one or possibly several.  I’m glad it’s not the only one of its kind!

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