Up until recently, these past two months have been hovering over me like a  lingering dog fart.  At my full-time job I just finished a huge meeting in balmy Chicago this past weekend.  This required huge coordination efforts and while I’m glad I had extremely capable people to assist me,  it was still very time consuming and extremely stressful.

I was eager to leave Chicago the following Monday,  however it seemed that the city would not let me go.  My flight to Charlotte was delayed for about four hours due to  heavy fog.  We sat on the tarmac  for about two hours before taxiing over to the nearest gate, only to wait for two more hours.  If the airport built bars along the airstrip  to accommodate these long delays, I suspect they would make a friggin’ mint.

Now that I’m back home I don’t see things slowing down anytime soon, at least not as far as my art is concerned.  I’m already preparing for some upcoming events that will be taking place over the next week or so.  First, I’m  going to be showing some work at a performing arts center in Garner, NC.   A friend of mine told me they were looking for some African American artists to show their work during black history month.  He  asked if I would be interested and after thinking about it  for a day or two I decided to go for it.

First thing is that I have to decide how I want to arrange my pieces beforehand so I don’t put a bunch of holes in the wall when I get there.   No, I haven’t physically gone up there yet to see the space.  Hello, that would have been the prudent thing to do, I know.   Their website helped a little but not much.  I haven’t decided how much wall space I need or how many pieces I will bring so I need to figure that out like yesterday.  For sure  I plan to take two of my larger pieces – Seasons and Nine Ladies Dancing.

Next Friday, February 3,  I’m back on familiar turf in North Davidson at the Neighborhood Theater.   This will be my third time participating.   I hated that I missed the market in December but I had work, plus there were church events and of course, the holidays.  Sometimes you just can’t do it all.

Within the next few weeks, I am going to apply for the Come See Me Festival in Rock Hill, SC, which will be held in April. It’s a huge outdoor festival and the artists will have the opportunity to display their work either indoors or outdoors.  I still have time to turn in the application but I don’t want to wait too long.

I’m looking forward to these next few weeks and yes,  I’ll be keeping you posted on my art adventures!


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