I sold my first original work today.  It was “Nine Ladies Dancing” and was purchased by a church member who is going to give it to her daughter as a graduation present.

Believe it or not I have mixed emotions about this.  It was exciting to make the sale but at the same time, I am mourning the absence of a piece that has been in my house for over two years.   Granted I have photographs and scans for reproduction but it’s not the same.

I’ve said this many times but the art you create really is a part of you and I often refer to my originals as my children.  And so here I am selling one in return for money that will go into my bank account one day and come out the next.  The piece that I’ve carted around for a long time is now gone forever.

Am I being weird?  I know I have to build a business and this is one of the ways to make some money.   I’ll get over it and in the meantime, I hope her daughter enjoys her graduation gift.  In the end it’s all worth it if it brings joy to someone else.


Comments on: "SOLD!! Saying Good-Bye to One of My Originals" (1)

  1. Congratulations! I know it’s not easy to part with an original but at least it will be going to a good home.

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