“Angry Kitty”

Cats are amazing creatures are they not?  I have one and contrary to popular belief they have incredible personalities.  If God created dog as man’s best friend, defining what it means to show unconditional love, then surely the intention behind creating a cat must be, “You alright but you ain’t all THAT.”

Cats will impose themselves on you, walk all over your computer keyboard while you are typing (okay just now that happened), swat at your legs as you walk by, lay on the stairs in front of you as you are attempting to go down them, tear your toilet paper, boots, socks, couch, and drapes to shreds. Basically they are jerks. Hard to believe they were actually worshiped like gods during ancient times.  Can you imagine crowds of people genuflecting in front of an aloof creature that sat there licking its nether regions?

I am amazed at cats’ physical capabilities including the ability to jump up several feet in the air from a sitting position. I I also find it most remarkable that when provoked, they can swell up to the size of the state of New Jersey.

The latter was my inspiration behind “Angry Kitty.” I wanted to capture that stiff, defensive body posture with the hair standing straight up and running down the center of its back, and the skinny tail swelling up at a moment’s notice.

My initial sketch looked like this.    It was too contrived.  I had referenced a photograph of an angry cat but my interpretation was too literal.  The posture didn’t look intense enough or angry enough.

Instead of trying to work with what I already sketched, I just took the eraser and started over.  As a result, I created a looser sketch where this time the cat looked larger, more imposing, and took up a lot more canvas space.

Overall I’m thrilled with the painting. It was one of those pieces where it turned out to be pretty close to what I wanted and that’s always exciting.  Once I finished it, I held it up to my cat and said, “Look at what I did.”  Shock to no one, my cat didn’t give a crap about it one way or the other.


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