The other day I attended a monthly portraiture drawing session at the Mint Hill Arts Council.  The last time I drew portraits was back in college where the students took turns drawing each other.   The same format was applied at the arts council.  The artists did a pretty good job holding their poses for 20 minutes.   I was not a model in this particular round, although I probably would have embarrassed myself by falling asleep after sitting still for so long.

Portraitures are surprisingly difficult, harder to me than life drawing.   No two faces are alike and you really have to focus on the person’s unique features to capture their likeness.  Also I struggled a bit with the different angles of the face and head. The three-quarter profile typically gives me fits because of the placement of the mouth and eyes.

Here are the pics in the order of which I drew them. While I have a lot of work to do, I definitely improved as time went on.

Pat    Chuck

 Sherry  Bob


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