Thanks to the beautiful spring weather last Saturday, my wandering spirit got the best of me and I kicked the household chores to the curb and ventured off to Romare Bearden Park.  I’ve wanted to go ever since it opened last year, especially after seeing Facebook photos posted by friends who attended evening concerts and other activities there.

The park, named after the late Charlotte-born African American artist, Romare Bearden, is situated right in the middle of uptown or center city (that would be any other city’s version of downtown) on the corner of Church and Third.

20140405_121318   20140405_112954

When I first arrived, I thought, is this it? It wasn’t until I walked further into the park that I realized that there was plenty to see. It’s beautifully landscaped, with trellises, courtyards and gardens.  I couldn’t capture it all.

20140405_113735   20140405_113728

20140405_112732   20140405_113120

20140405_114017   20140405_113955

There are sound instruments, such as standing chimes that I of course played, and metal square tiles that play music to each footstep.

20140405_113700   20140405_113605

A lot of the landscaping towards the front part of the park was composed of these large, rough-hewn blocks with lots of wonderful texture.

20140405_112932   20140405_113035 20140405_112943    20140405_113931

My favorite is the waterfall. I did see a lady stand behind it without getting wet, well except for her feet. That was the only thing that really stopped me from doing the same.

 20140405_113409     20140405_113439

 Across the street from the park is the BB&T BallPark, home of the Charlotte Knights.  I took a few pictures there as well.  The field is gorgeous. Almost made wish that I liked baseball.

20140405_115417    20140405_114936

20140405_114635   20140405_115106


All in all it was a good day to appreciate some integrated art and design to get the creative mind going.  Kind of a mini-vacation of sorts. Now back to work!







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