For the past couple of years I’ve been a church doodler.   It all started out with scribbling on the church programs using a black Faber-Castell brush pen. I liked the challenge of drawing within the limited white spaces of the bulletin.  When I finished, the doodles looked as if they were part of the print!

As of recent, I’ve converted to a small sketch book. What prompted the change was that the one time that I really felt like doodling during the service. I didn’t have a church program nor did I have any old ones stashed away.  I did, however, find a random piece of paper and immediately started using that.  It was fun being able to draw on a blank space without being hindered by surrounding print.

I’ve been using the same pens that I used for life drawing (see previous post), often interchanging colors as I write out the words.   The sketches are made to further drive the point of the sermon.  It’s been a lot of fun doodling notes in a sketchpad and it’s even captured the attention of some of  the ministerial staff.

So here are a few weeks’ worth of my notes!  Enjoy!

Sermon Notes 4.27.14

Sermon Notes 4.27.14a

Sermon Notes 5.4.14

Sermon Notes 5.4.14a

Sermon Notes 5.11.14

Sermon Notes 5.11.14a

Sermon Notes 5.18.14

Sermon Notes 5.18.14a

Sermon Notes 5.25.14

Sermon Notes 5.25.14a

Sermon Notes 5.25.14b


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