Hi, I am Ani Smith and welcome to my blog, Drawing Out Loud.!  I suppose this is the part where I am supposed to say something profound but honestly, I’m just not that deep. 🙂

In short I am an artist and like many artists I didn’t have any formal training.  It all started with my obsession with drawing stick figures at the age of four to drawing superheroes in high school.  I didn’t pursue it much after that,  having elected to major in business in college ( it was either that or engineering) because in the late eighties we were told or believed that this was “practical” and that art was not relevant.   Yet the artist in you never really goes  away.

Flash forward serveral years and I do pick up the pencils and work on a few projects, some with my church and others just for fun, but I wasn’t doing this on a regular basis.  My inconsistencies were seemingly  based on personal insecurities and bouts with perfectionism, which thank God, I am crossing over that bridge.

So here I am ready to jump to the 21st Century and start posting my art on a  blog.   You’ll see some old pieces that I did several years ago and some new ones too.  I hope you enjoy and visit often!

Contact info: zioncity2001@yahoo.com


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