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Have you ever created a work of art where you’ve practically poured your heart and soul into it and you thought that this was the greatest thing ever?  You show it to the world waiting for the heavens to part and that everyone will be soooo enlightened.  Then the reaction you receive from the audience, whether negative or positive, is less than what you expect.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you create something with a fraction of the effort.  Not only that, the imagery is really nothing new.  You post it on Facebook and you get this strong, positive reaction.  In this case, “Baptism,” I am talking to you.

Baptism 3

I like church scenes, really I do, but I don’t necessarily like to draw them. And if I do, I do my best to put a unique spin on it by throwing in some unexpected imagery.  Not sure if this was accomplished in this particular case, but I was surprised at how many people “liked” it on my fan page and that it had the most reach of any of the pieces that I’ve ever posted.  Again, this is another work that was digitally created on my awesome phone.

It goes to show that at the end of the day, there will always be imagery that never gets old no matter how many times or ways you present it.


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