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My Artist Wish List

I was going through one of my crazy cleaning episodes last week and started bulldozing craploads of stuff out of the closet.  As I was assessing my current inventory of art supplies, I started to think about the things I needed to help further my art business, so I decided to create a wish list.  All of the items on the list can be achieved or obtained at some point.  I’ll need to do more research on some of these things, and of course there is the most glaring challenge, and that is finding the money to pay for most of this.

SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle

When they first came out, sports utility vehicles made little sense to me because a) most owners of these vehicles weren’t doing anything sporty to begin with, and b) most people weren’t living in the friggin’ mountains or off-road where they needed one.  Maybe they should have been called suburban utility vehicles!  In addition to being total gas hogs (yes I know there have been improvements with hybrids), they always seemed to block my view whenever they were on the road, or parked beside me in the parking lot whenever I tried to back out.

In spite of all of that, I do realize the value of their cargo space, and for that reason, much to my irritation, I will probably purchase one in the future.  Now I can fit just about anything in my ’99 Honda Accord, but it’s going to be more and more challenging when I go and buy tall hanging display racks to accommodate my larger works.  Then when the time comes to participate in outdoor festivals, I’ll need the additional room for a tent and tables and chairs.  I think a modest-sized SUV such as Honda CR-V or a Ford Escape can do the trick.


As I said in the paragraph before, I need these to hang larger scale works and to make better use of my space when I am displaying in tight areas.   One of the artists whom I had met at the Arts Market had larger pieces and he hung them on some gridwall display panels that he purchased locally.  Here’s the link for those of you Charlotte, NC folks out there – Reeves. The cost was about $22 per panel AND they can fit in your car!  Hey, maybe I DON’T need that SUV after all!

Educational Classes

I think the quality of my art would increase a level or two if I took more drawing classes. I’ve been drawing for a long time but there’s plenty of room for improvement in ALL areas including color, composition, and perspective.  My local community college offers art classes and I know that there are art studios and galleries that have workshops.   I just need to find something that works with my schedule.

I’d also like to be more savvy in the photo-editing and web-design department.  Lots of people edit with Photoshop and I can tell you I don’t know much about that program, having only used it a few times. It  also costs a fortune.  Right now I have been farting around with Picasa, a free online photo-editing program.  It’s not bad, however it’s not sophisticated enough where I can single out certain images in my work for editing.  My sister introduced me to Pixlr, which is a free online photo editing program that is in similar to Photoshop.  I have played with it a little but still I have a lot to learn.

A New Computer

This is probably on many people’s wish lists whether art-related or not.  I personally would like to have a computer with more storage space and graphics capability.  The PC I have right now is not gonna do it. God forbid I should have to load Photoshop on that thing.

Organizing My Workspace:  I Need Julie Morganstern In My Hip Pocket

As I was cleaning out my closest I a) found things that I hadn’t seen in a long time, b) found things I had needed at a particular key moment but couldn’t find, and c) found duplicates and triplicates of the same stuff  because I kept buying replacements for the stuff that I kept losing.

Julie Morganstern is an organizing guru and I saw her on Oprah years ago.   She applies the acronym SPACE to organization which means Sort, Purge, Assign, Containerize, Evaluate.   I was so impressed with her that I bought her book “Organizing From the Inside Out.”  Now if only I could just find the darn thing.

A Printer that Kicks Butt 

I currently have this wonderful ink-jet printer by Canon called the PIXMA which works really well however, the maximum I can print is  8 1/2″ x 11″.  In the future, I would like to own one that prints larger sizes such as 16″ x 20″‘s.

A Camera That Can Produce Quality Photographs of My Art 

I like my camera and it’s great for parties and traveling, but its not worth a dang for photographing artwork for blogs or an online store.  No matter how I stage the subject or fool around with the lighting, the pictures seem less than stellar.  I am on a budget so I can’t exactly fork over a lot of dough for one just yet.  I know someone who has been kind enough to photograph many of my pieces at no cost which is awesome.  Still I’d like to try and do some of it on my own without having to schedule time and drive over to someone’s studio to get it done.

A Mentor

That just hit me. Thank you God for that bit of revelation.  While I love reading lots of information from seasoned artists on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, there’s something to be said about having a personal relationship with someone with lots of experience in their field and who is willing to teach you.   Face time is so important, even in this social media age.  Of all the things on my wish list, I think this will be the hardest one for me to obtain yet!

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