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My Art’s On A Wall Y’all! Featured Artist for the Month of June And Other Stuff

I’m happy to announce that I’m the featured artist for the month of June at the Charlotte Art League.  The opening reception took place last Friday and included other works on display for the June show, “South End Street Culture.”   The turnout was great!  Here are some shots of the event including one with myself as the proud mama in front of my art.


    wpid-20140606_183854.jpg  wpid-20140606_191811.jpg      wpid-20140606_191806.jpg   wpid-20140606_204104.jpg

   wpid-20140606_211445.jpg   wpid-20140606_211555.jpg

So far this year I’ve met my goal of displaying artwork in at least one venue each month.  I jokingly call this, “My Art’s On A Wall, Y’all” tour.   My list of venues have included  a local movie theater, my eye doctor’s office, a public branch library, a gallery, and the Charlotte Art League.

On another happy note, I sold my kite-flying piece, “Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me” at CAL’s May show.  What an awesome blessing that was!


Slowly but surely I am gaining more self-confidence as I continue to seek new places to display my work.  What do I have to lose? Better to try and face rejection than to not try at all.



My Art’s On A Wall, Y’all!!

For 2014 I’ve vowed to find other venues to show my work.   I’ve spent too many hours in markets and fairs sitting at a table with my artwork hoping to make a sale.  Don’t get me wrong, markets are great for the exposure and foot traffic but after doing enough of these without making any kind of profit, it gets old.

When I joined the Charlotte Art League late last year I discovered that they were in a partnership with the Manor Theatre, who for years has generously offered wall space to CAL members to show their work. I was happy to find out that there was an opening in early January through mid-February.

It’s really nice to see my artwork on a wall.  It’ll be up for at least six weeks and is also available for sale!

Here is a good bit of my collection, and many thanks to Timmy Hord, CAL’s exhibit coordinator for the Manor Theatre location, for her hanging expertise.


20140106_132547 20140106_132521


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