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Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love

Over a month or so ago I remembered my pastor preaching about God’s love saying that it is everlasting from life, to death, through the afterlife.  This statement was my inspiration for the creation of “Everlasting Love.”

I created this piece using chalk pastel on paper. The heart, representing God’s love, is there with us through all of phases of our existence.  The gray color block represents life. I chose gray because I think about how we live and that the decisions we make aren’t always in black in white.  The second one, black, represents death.  We tend to think of death as an absolute because it is the end of life.  I, on the other hand, look at death as not the end but the middle or a transition. Finally there is white, which represents the afterlife or eternity.


Sketch: The Veil

As I had stated in my last post, I was going to show the sketches that I drew while I was at the Rock Hill Pottery and Arts Festival.

This one here is called “The Veil” and is something that  I am committed to launching into final production.  A couple of years God gave me this image in a dream when I was going through a particularly dark time in my life. It really speaks to Christ’s  redeeming love that is always there even we make mistakes and find it difficult to forgive ourselves.  The message is pretty powerful and I realize that it not just meant for me but that it’s also meant to be shared with others.  So I plan to really get cranking  so I can share the whole story.

As always, there is so much planning involved before I begin working on a final piece.   There are a few more images that I need to flesh out.   I also want to practice drawing columns and stone so I can achieve the look that I want.  The size will be roughly  24″ x 36″ and my medium will be chalk pastel.  I’m looking forward to sharing the final work with you!

Fiiiive Gooolden Riiiiiiiiiiings!!

Here is the finished product!  As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I felt led to do the background in purple.  The hardest part was trying to figure out the color of the angels’ bodies.  My initial intent was to leave them in white but the piece looked unfinished.  I did the detailing on the white wings in a medium gray watercolor pencil which gives the piece a lot of texture.

These colors were no accident. I believe God gave these to me and they make perfect sense considering the two upcoming seasons – Christmas and Advent.

Purple/Advent:  One of purple’s symbolic meanings is royalty and is often used for the season of Advent.  Advent meaning “coming” or “arrival”,  not only celebrates the anticipation of Christ’s First Coming, but also the anticipation  of Christ’s Second Coming as King.  This year Advent begins in late November (27) and ends the day before Christmas.

White and Gold/ Christmas:  White and gold is associated with the season of Christmas.  Gold represents God’s glory and divine nature and white is the color of purity and righteousness.

By the way, the commercial/retail industry would have you believe that the start of the Christmas Season is the day after Thanksgiving.  Christmas Day, however, is considered to be the start of the Christmas season lasting twelve days until January 5,  hence “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

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