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The Grid

I can say that “The Grid” is actually my first abstract piece and that the inspiration came from the faceted glass design in our church.  I sing in the choir, and  from the choir loft, you can see this window in the back of the sanctuary above the sound booth.  If you look through the window you can see part of a much larger faceted glass design which can be viewed in full scale if you’re in the narthex of the church.  The window itself has several panes so that it looks like a large grid.

The Grid

During the day, the sun’s rays come through the both the faceted glass and the window and you can see the brilliant golds and other colors from the design.  While it’s quite a beautiful sight in color, I find it to be more intriguing at night where golds  are replaced by blacks, and the dark outlines around the faceted glass pieces become a silvery gray.

Balony Grid

I took a photo of the window during an evening event and afterwards created a work using black paper and silver and gold metallic pen.  This work was pretty challenging because I had to work with straight lines and do the math when considering scale.   Working the curves and design inside each part of the grid wasn’t all that bad once the actual grid was plotted.  The paper was tricky because when I used the eraser, it would bruise and leave a lighter mark.

Overall I’m happy with it. I’ve been on this black paper kick lately and this is just another addition to my portfolio.


Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love

Over a month or so ago I remembered my pastor preaching about God’s love saying that it is everlasting from life, to death, through the afterlife.  This statement was my inspiration for the creation of “Everlasting Love.”

I created this piece using chalk pastel on paper. The heart, representing God’s love, is there with us through all of phases of our existence.  The gray color block represents life. I chose gray because I think about how we live and that the decisions we make aren’t always in black in white.  The second one, black, represents death.  We tend to think of death as an absolute because it is the end of life.  I, on the other hand, look at death as not the end but the middle or a transition. Finally there is white, which represents the afterlife or eternity.

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