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Public Art – The One Cool Thing About Jury Duty

Ah yes, jury duty, one of those things we all dread doing.   This was the second time after many years that I had been called in to participate, however unlike the first time, I actually served on a jury.  Pretty intense.  I’m glad that it was just a civil case that lasted for a couple of days.

While I wasn’t all that thrilled about being holed up in the courthouse, I had to admit that it was a beautiful facility.  If you’re a juror in Charlotte-Mecklenburg you have to applaud how they’ve made the process so easy to follow.  From a logistics standpoint, it was a breeze getting to the parking garage from I-277 followed by a short walk to the courthouse.  There is a waiting room on one of the floors with theater seating, an area with desktop computers,  a full service break room, free Wi-Fi, and chairs specifically designed for people using on laptops.  But you probably don’t want to hear about all of that because this is an art blog for Pete’s sake.

And there certainly was art there.  Public art,  the other bright spot.  The only unfortunate thing was that I was unable to identify the artists that created the work.  Let’s say signage wasn’t very present, if  at all.

My first encounter with a piece of public art was when I was leaving the parking garage and heading towards the corner of McDowell and Fourth.  It was a large metal hand sculpture.  I called it,  “The Helping Hand” which sounds like a fitting name.  It was all I could do to NOT climb on it but the block was practically teeming with Sheriffs.

Helping Hand

As I crossed the street and immediately entered the security area of the courthouse, I caught hold of this stunning ceiling design above me.  What you see are these perforations that allow the florescent lights to come through but it mutes the lighting enough to  soften the overall look of the area.


Once I got through security I entered the main lobby and saw this awesome work suspended from the ceiling.  The image is a human face, however what you don’t see until you take a closer look is that the image is made up of a collection of smaller human faces that are suspended from the ceiling.



And then of course here is what I call “The Writing on the Wall” which are the stone etchings along the facade of the courthouse.  I think a lot of courthouses across the country have these similar etchings.  There are plenty more than just this one here but I was in a hurry getting back from lunch.


I also took this shot on my way back to lunch.  This was near the Government Center which is about a block or two from the courthouse. It’s an older piece  that’s been around for a long time.  When I first saw photos of it that was back in the mid-nineties.   As you can see it’s sitting in an empty fountain.  I remember the photo showed this piece sitting in the fountain while it was running, thus creating a more dramatic effect.


So that concludes my tour!  Charlotte, as usual, your beautiful weather did not disappoint!  Art is a reward for those who continue to look for it!  Fortunately this go round, I didn’t have to work that hard.

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