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Final: “Tree Dreams, The Promise of Spring”

It’s a little embarrassing that this drawing took so long to complete.  Compared to other pieces that I’ve done in the past, this was not THAT complicated.  There were just some issues that I didn’t want to deal with such as working on the trees and houses in the background. The original photograph of this tree behind my parents house that I used as a reference wasn’t the best, so ultimately I had to make up some of the landscape.

Overall, I am in love with this piece.

20131031_155516 vs 3

I used chalk pastel on paper to provide that soft, somber look.   The tree in its dormant and death-like state sees its future self in a reflection of vibrant green in the cold, murky waters.  Winters can be long and hard to endure but Spring eventually comes if we just hold on.  It’s similar to when we are going through the dark days of our lives, that we have to continue to hope and dream for better days ahead.

By the way, here is a photo of my beautiful friend during the summertime.  It was so robust, that it actually blocked the view of the lake!  See what happens when a tree can dream?



Preliminary Sketch of “Tree Dreams: The Promise of Spring.”

Charlotte actually got a bit of snow Saturday, but of course it didn’t stick.  According to the groundhog, we’re supposed to have an early spring however lately, it’s been quite the opposite. I’m guessing that he probably showed  his backside in addition to his shadow.

At any rate, I decided to take advantage of  my time indoors and draw a preliminary sketch of my new piece called “Tree Dreams: The Promise of Spring.”  Here is the sketch in ink that I did back in December as well as the actual photograph of the tree that sits near the lake at my parent’s house.  I love its shape.

Tree   CIMG0929

As I looked out the window, my mind wandered off to parts unknown and I imagined that the ice that covered the lake split open and exposed the water beneath it.  The reflection in the lake showed that same tree filled with green leaves.  It was as if the tree were looking into a mirror and seeing its future – the hope and promise of Spring.

Tree Dreams Sketch

Typically my sketches aren’t pretty and I will own up to that.  To me sketches are working drafts to help me juxtapose the subject matter.   Already I think that the tree needs to be larger and the houses in the background to be less visible.  The houses look a hot mess anyway but then again I am referencing a photograph that I took from my phone and the clarity is less than stellar.

I want the overall look to be somber. The  colors will be black, gray, and green. I think the tree’s green leaves against the murky lake will provide a nice contrast.

My medium of choice? Probably chalk pastels.  I would love to see this as an oil painting but since I haven’t worked in oils I had better leave well enough alone.

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