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Ushering in Lent

I am a fan of Lent season.  It’s probably not the most glamorous of all of the holidays, but in my opinion, it is my favorite.  Lent is more focused.  It’s a time of reflection, a time of sacrifice, and a time of repentance.

Then after that forty-day period comes Easter Sunday, the celebration of  Christ’s resurrection.  I love that Easter  happens around spring where everything is fresh and new and alive. To me it just doesn’t get any better.

Last year I woke up early Wednesday morning and using some chalk pastel, drew a cross draped in purple on drawing paper.  It’s a pretty big piece, about 4 feet in length and maybe just under 3 feet wide.   It hung on my wall for the entire 40 days.   A couple of days ago, I put it back up to usher in the season.

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