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My Re-Introduction to Isolation

One thing has become very apparent to me as a visual artist.   Creating your work can be a very solitary business.   I think that’s part of the reason why I hadn’t pursued this avenue as vigorously in the beginning.   This realization isn’t all that new to me.  I think it’s something that I’ve just forgotten.

As a rule, I am a natural loner, often teetering on the edge of being anti-social.  My sister and I are nine years apart, so if you think about it, I was an only child for quite awhile.  My family moved around a lot and there were many instances where I didn’t have anyone to play with.  I found that I was just as happy playing by myself.

When I was in high school, I was not very outgoing having only a small group of friends.  My activities consisted of   marching and concert bands, but that was it.  I pretty much spent most of my weekends at home.  That’s where I really threw myself into drawing, creating all kinds of comic book characters and putting people in fancy costumes.  For me it was a way of life.

When I went to college, my only involvement in visual arts was enrolling in a drawing class during the first semester of my freshman year.  I began to have more of a social life then, often going out with friends on weekends, basically doing all of the stuff that I didn’t do in high school.

After I graduated and moved to North Carolina, I made more new friends, and became involved in church and outdoor activities.  I flirted with drawing a bit but it was hard to make that commitment.  God forbid I should be holed up at home making art, especially on a sunny day in Charlotte.   I might actually miss something.  It also didn’t help that I was out of practice and lacked confidence in my abilities.

Now that I am finally taking my work a lot more seriously and have pretty much cast aside a lot of my personal  demons, I find that I am isolating myself more in order to accomplish my goals.  Not only am I creating art, but also I am trying to keep up this blog (writing is HARD),  market myself and sell my work.   In addition, I am coming to that  crossroad where I will have to  re-evaluate my current social activities and think about giving up some things in order to progress further with my art.  All of this will require some prayerful consideration.   There’s not enough hours in the day to do it all.   I hate that, but I also can’t stand the thought of not being able to pursue my passion.

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