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“Three French Hens”

Hard to believe it’s that time again.   Thanksgiving will be here in less than a week and then it’ll be Christmas.

I just completed “Three French Hens,” my seventh illustration for the Twelve Days of Christmas series.  My medium was watercolor pencil, and a Faber Castel fine line pen to outline all of the images.

Three French Hens

In keeping with the overall whimsical theme, I depicted three rather disturbed French hens around a dinner table at a nice restaurant. The waiter lifts the lid of the main dish only to be stunned by the sight of a roasted chicken on a platter. His reaction is mild compared to that of the three hens. The one sitting closest to him faints backwards after the reveal, while the other hen on the opposing side clucks at the waiter in outrage. The third one seated in the middle is so overcome with emotion that she leaps up in the air to physically pass her “compliments” to the chef.

The biggest struggle? Working with a lot of color. I forgot what a pain it was. It took me longer to determine the actual colors to use then it did to apply them to the work.

All in all, the struggle was well worth it and I am proud to have another completed work for my series.  Only five more days to go!


Three French Hens – Preliminary Piece

So Saturday morning I head over to Zada Jane’s for breakfast with sketchbook in hand and flesh out the “The Three French Hens” sketch.  I was able to knock out most of this while I was there and then I finished the rest last night.  Maybe I’m getting used to animals now because I hardly had any issues with sketching the hens.  Yay! I am EVOLVING!

I like this sketch but somehow in the back of my mind I feel like something like this has been done before. Oh well, I’m not changing it so there you go…

By the way, “Two Turtle Doves” is coming along quite nicely.  Not sure if I will get it done this weekend in light of other house-related projects, but  I am definitely going to give it a shot!



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