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My Art’s On A Wall, Y’all!!

For 2014 I’ve vowed to find other venues to show my work.   I’ve spent too many hours in markets and fairs sitting at a table with my artwork hoping to make a sale.  Don’t get me wrong, markets are great for the exposure and foot traffic but after doing enough of these without making any kind of profit, it gets old.

When I joined the Charlotte Art League late last year I discovered that they were in a partnership with the Manor Theatre, who for years has generously offered wall space to CAL members to show their work. I was happy to find out that there was an opening in early January through mid-February.

It’s really nice to see my artwork on a wall.  It’ll be up for at least six weeks and is also available for sale!

Here is a good bit of my collection, and many thanks to Timmy Hord, CAL’s exhibit coordinator for the Manor Theatre location, for her hanging expertise.


20140106_132547 20140106_132521



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