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My Art’s On A Wall Y’all! Featured Artist for the Month of June And Other Stuff

I’m happy to announce that I’m the featured artist for the month of June at the Charlotte Art League.  The opening reception took place last Friday and included other works on display for the June show, “South End Street Culture.”   The turnout was great!  Here are some shots of the event including one with myself as the proud mama in front of my art.


    wpid-20140606_183854.jpg  wpid-20140606_191811.jpg      wpid-20140606_191806.jpg   wpid-20140606_204104.jpg

   wpid-20140606_211445.jpg   wpid-20140606_211555.jpg

So far this year I’ve met my goal of displaying artwork in at least one venue each month.  I jokingly call this, “My Art’s On A Wall, Y’all” tour.   My list of venues have included  a local movie theater, my eye doctor’s office, a public branch library, a gallery, and the Charlotte Art League.

On another happy note, I sold my kite-flying piece, “Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me” at CAL’s May show.  What an awesome blessing that was!


Slowly but surely I am gaining more self-confidence as I continue to seek new places to display my work.  What do I have to lose? Better to try and face rejection than to not try at all.



“Goodness and Mercy”

Psalm 23:6 says “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”   In light of these last six months, I couldn’t agree more.  I’m still on the job hunt but God has been keeping me all this time. The lights are still on, mortgage is still being paid, and there’s food on my table.  I’ve even been the recipient of random acts of kindness and even the standard kindness from friends and family.  There are no words that can express my sincere gratitude.


While pondering over this psalm, I imagined that “goodness” and “mercy” were like kites flying overhead, following the person who held them by the strings.  In this case, the person that I drew was a girl in a bathing suit running with the kites.  I see that young girl in myself as the kites follow her, their tails leaving trails of color, painting the skies.  She holds onto them, just as someone would hold on to their faith in tough times.

The work was created using watercolor crayon and pencil on watercolor paper.  I steered away from being too technical and allowed myself to be little messy and less controlled with the blending.  Is this how God approaches the skies when He paints the sunrises and sunsets?  If so, you certainly don’t hear anyone complaining about it.



Sold! “Mercy”

I am happy to announce that I sold another one of my originals, “Mercy”, at the Arts Market.  Needless to say I am thrilled.  It became clear to me that  “Mercy” wasn’t meant to be around for any length of time.  I didn’t even make room to hang it at home.  It just sat on the floor propped up against a wall.

A couple who was expecting a baby purchased the piece.  The expectant father really liked the color green and he said that it was going to be in the baby’s room.  In my mind a baby’s room or nursery is a warm, secure place surrounded with positive images.  The fact that my work would be associated with that made me feel good.

So now I’ve sold two this year! Hooray!  And no sellers’ remorse which is good!

On a more sobering note, the following morning, I unloaded my car in a hurry and left to go to an exhibit.  I later returned to find two of my prints  sitting in between my screen door and the main door (it turned out that the president of my homeowner’s association found them and put them there).   I remember that as I was unloading the car that I set the prints off to the side. Apparently I forgot about them and in my haste to get to where I was going, I pulled out of the parking lot and ran over them.  I don’t even remember doing that but that’s the only scenario I can think of.

Here are both prints complete with embossed tire marks.

I was a little bent out of shape but my recent sale has taken the edge off.  Fortunately I didn’t pay a lot of money for these prints.   The funny thing is, I brought them with me to the event,  but I never displayed them since there was not enough room.  I just left them there sitting in the rear window of my car.  I guess I was never meant to sell them.

Mercy: The Final

I posted the preliminary sketch of “Mercy ” a few weeks ago but here is the final.  I’m pleased with how well it turned out and think the green leaves are a nice touch.  As much as I like working in full color, I have to say that I really like working in black and white with a hint of color.  The simplicity fascinates me and now I want to do more  ink drawings.

For the longest time,  I’ve been afraid to work  in ink because of the potential for permanent mistakes. Fortunately I’ve gained a lot of confidence using my awesome black brush pen to create random sketches on church bulletins every Sunday.  Hopefully there will be more ink drawings to follow.


The inspiration behind this black and white sketch came from a very spirit-filled worship service that took place a few weeks ago.  The sermon came from 2 Peter 3:8 which reads from the New Living Translation, “But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years  is like a day. The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think.  No he is being patient for your sake.  He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.”

When I closed my eyes during the benediction, the Lord put an image in my mind which is what you see before you.  It was a tree branch but it was twisted in a way that showed the word, “mercy.”  This branch extends downward, as if God’s hand of mercy is reaching down from Heaven towards His children hoping that we would grasp it and pull ourselves out of the mess we are in and draw  closer to Him.

Yeah, we mess up, and frequently I might add, but aren’t we glad that He has compassion towards us?   Will we ever be able to fully repay God for his mercies?  No, but we can at least honor Him by extending that same branch of mercy towards others.

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