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Sold! “Mercy”

I am happy to announce that I sold another one of my originals, “Mercy”, at the Arts Market.  Needless to say I am thrilled.  It became clear to me that  “Mercy” wasn’t meant to be around for any length of time.  I didn’t even make room to hang it at home.  It just sat on the floor propped up against a wall.

A couple who was expecting a baby purchased the piece.  The expectant father really liked the color green and he said that it was going to be in the baby’s room.  In my mind a baby’s room or nursery is a warm, secure place surrounded with positive images.  The fact that my work would be associated with that made me feel good.

So now I’ve sold two this year! Hooray!  And no sellers’ remorse which is good!

On a more sobering note, the following morning, I unloaded my car in a hurry and left to go to an exhibit.  I later returned to find two of my prints  sitting in between my screen door and the main door (it turned out that the president of my homeowner’s association found them and put them there).   I remember that as I was unloading the car that I set the prints off to the side. Apparently I forgot about them and in my haste to get to where I was going, I pulled out of the parking lot and ran over them.  I don’t even remember doing that but that’s the only scenario I can think of.

Here are both prints complete with embossed tire marks.

I was a little bent out of shape but my recent sale has taken the edge off.  Fortunately I didn’t pay a lot of money for these prints.   The funny thing is, I brought them with me to the event,  but I never displayed them since there was not enough room.  I just left them there sitting in the rear window of my car.  I guess I was never meant to sell them.

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