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And a Partridge in a Pear Treeeeeee!!!

So my latest addition to the “Twelve Days of Christmas” series is “Partridge in a Pear Tree.”   Here was the preliminary sketch from a previous blog-post.  I didn’t get around to drawing the final work  until a few weeks ago.

Patridge Sketch

Here is where I fleshed out the original in pencil. I used Bristol paper, my paper of choice, as it can handle just about any media including wet media.

Patridge sketch

A lot of my watercolor work tends to be softer and I wanted to make this piece more vibrant.  I used a set of watercolor pencils called Inktense by Derwent and watercolor crayon that has that same level of  brightness.   Then I outlined the images using my Faber-Castell brush and fine line pens and voila!

The color green is still pretty prominent in my work, even with the bright yellow pears and colorful partridge.  I can’t help myself.  I also like the backwards lean of the satisfied partridge.   I think this is another whimsical piece that fits in beautifully with the overall theme of  my “Twelve Days” series.


I wrapped this thing up at after 1:00 AM on a Thursday night/ Friday morning and then ran down to Kinko’s to scan the image.  Thank God they’re open 24 hours!

When I got home I started printing the image on cards immediately so that I could add them to my assorted six-pack. Here they are packaged in clear plastic boxes.   I love the professional look !

Partidge cards

As I started to print  more partridges to package them individually my printer crapped out on me.  When you see a message on the printer’s display screen that says, “Error” and then it tells you to unplug your printer and call the service center, that is NOT a good sign.  I probably won’t be able to get my printer to the print doctor until Monday and I hope this is something that a) can be fixed like yesterday, and b) doesn’t cost me a fortune.

Oh well, an artist’s life is never boring.

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