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What Happened?

For me this year has been pretty static from an arts standpoint.  I’ve  participated in several arts markets and fairs but the results have been unsuccessful.  Overall I am burnt out on participating in these things and it’s time to look at other venues.

Additional circumstances have kept me from really focusing on my art and blogging but I haven’t quit drawing altogether. I’ve just been doing it differently. Per my last post dated on “Let’s not talk about how long it’s been,” my phone has been serving as a canvas.

I have to admit, it’s a lot easier to create art digitally.  I don’t need paints, drawing utensils, canvas or paper.  It’s not messy and I can produce something in a relatively short amount of time.  I doubt that I’ve spent more than an hour on the majority of my creations.

Here are a couple of images that I’ve produced – “He Blessed My Soul” and “Fall Day.”  I’ve built quite a portfolio this year.

Mind you, I’m still eager to get back to watercolor pencils and acrylics.  As a matter of fact, I still have a chalk pastel piece that I am aching to complete.

He Blessed My Soul    Fall Day

Making Phone Art

A few weeks ago, I recently upgraded to a new phone – a Samsung Galaxy S3.  No, it’s not the latest model but it’s light years away from my old phone and it was $30. Who could turn that down?

So here’s what got me all excited about this phone. It has this feature called S-memo where you can jot down memos by either typing or handwriting (or more like finger writing).  The handwriting option has different strokes including pencil, pen, brush and even highlighter. You can choose from many different colors and if a certain palette isn’t available, you can create one.

As an artist this is the coolest thing, and I don’t have to use an online app that would eat up my data usage. I truly have been amusing myself and it’s kind of changed the way I sketch. So much for scribbling on church bulletins. Now I can just scribble on the phone and upload my renderings to Facebook or Twitter!

Here are a couple of things I did. Mostly simple stuff.

wpid-S-Memo_03.jpg   wpid-S-Memo_02.jpg


I decided to look for an online editing program if I wanted to get really fancy,  and lo and behold, I found the Pixlr application.  The phone app is obviously more limited than the standard online program but it’s still pretty useful.

wpid-S-Memo_01_20130613064308873.jpg     wpid-S-Memo_06_20130614085124512.jpg

While this will never truly replace drawing utensils and a sketchpad, it’s still a convenient thing to have if you don’t want to carry around  a lot of stuff.  Pencils and pencils, don’t be jealous!

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