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Where is God?

Where is God vs 2

Last Sunday I was in the choir loft minding my own business, standing in prayer with the rest of the choir and congregation.  Shock to no one, my mind wanders off  to parts unknown and I come up with, of all things, the letter “W.” I am intently focused on its shape and begin to flesh it out more in my mind by curving both of its sides outward and up.   I wondered what the “W” stood for?

Immediately I came up with the sentence that began with “W” –  “Where is God?” I was surprised and even embarrassed that the question came to my mind so quickly and  I apologized to God.  How in the world could I doubt His presence?  This still didn’t keep me from pondering over the question, and much to my surprise, the answer was found in the question itself.   The idea burned in my brain long after church and before the  evening set in I put pen to sketchpad.

First, I’m not a letterer by any means as I often find lettering hard to do. I did this freehand without measuring the letters or aligning them properly, so they are not perfect.  I made the “W” look Gothic, thorny, almost witch-like, as if  ready to reach out and grab someone.  Almost all of the letters in black have a bit of an edge.  The “S” in “is” reminds me of a sea serpent.  To me the dark, edgy letters represent trials, storms, and periods of darkness that one goes through that provokes the question “Where is God?”

As stated earlier, the answer to that question can be found within the question itself.  Where is God?  Here.  The word “here” is physically located in the “Where,” and as you can see the lettering is different.  When we are in our midnight hour, we ask where God is during our time of struggle.  Well He’s been here all the time and I may add, silently working out the problems that we’ve been praying about.  Pulling the “W” out of the equation you have your answer – “Here is God.”  My favorite way is to read it from the bottom up, “God is here.”  This whole process has made me believe that I didn’t come up with this question on my own and that clearly God’s hand was in this the whole time.

I used Picasa, the online software tool to create a background that added texture without diminishing the letters.

I wasn’t sure how people were going to react when I posted it on Facebook.  Surprisingly there were more positive responses than I thought.  I guess they found Him!

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