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Checking Out the Master’s Work

This morning I was rollerblading at my favorite park.  The area where I skate is on the back end where there’s a man-made lake and a nice smooth concrete path that runs along its perimeter.  Freedom Park is a very popular park and you have to time it just right to avoid the crowds, something that is often hard to do.  I was trying my best to keep from scowling as I darted around human and animal obstacles that were preventing me from reaching my target heart rate.

I get to my cool down and slow to a minimum by just rolling along in the standing position without pushing off.   It’s at this point I overhear a lady speaking to someone else saying, “Wow, look  at that! That is beautiful!”

I  look over and there are two women standing in the grass looking up towards the sky.  Of course now I have to look up too and this is what I see.  The sun has a soft, white, hazy glow and is surrounded by a beautiful large halo.  Right beneath the halo, just above the trees, is a rainbow.  I immediately move off into the grass so I can get a photograph of it with my camera phone.

God does these amazing things and oftentimes we are too absorbed in our own thoughts and actions to even notice.  It was nice to see the Master’s work.  I believe He likes to put on a show for us every now and then.  In fact, He is always trying to show us something if we just slow down and pay attention.

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