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Christmas In July

So I am embarking on my latest project which is creating a series of Christmas cards and yes,  I am starting them in July.  This might seem a bit early however what I’m doing is  somewhat ambitious as I am attempting to do the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

I kicked off this project last year in October but with only two drawings – “Nine Ladies Dancing” and “A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”   “Partridge” was the only one that actually went into production and by production I mean I printed those babies from my printer and sent them out to everyone on my Christmas card list.

This year I vowed to not only start this project much earlier, but also to FINISH it.  So far the ones that I can conceive with the most clarity are “Seven Swans a-Swimming,” ” Six Geese A-Laying” , and “Eight Maids-Milking.”   Right now I am working on Seven Swans and they are coming along quite nicely.  Here is a preview.

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