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9/11 – Liberty’s Grief

I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to look through the eyes of the Statue of Liberty that day on 9/11.  Here is a lady that has seen it all.

Every day she faced the towers with her torch high in the air, as if engaging in a dialogue with them, speaking  in silent whispers.   She was ancient by comparison and they were to her like children.  She saw the construction of many buildings in the city but none like these two.

I would imagine that the twins peppered her with questions about the past and that she was more than  delighted to entertain them with her history.   She was, after all, erected to be the symbol of hope, the gateway to the promised land.

We shared her horror with the rest of the world that day when two jets collided into the towers minutes apart from each other.    Then each tower fell taking thousands of souls with them.

Ten years have passed and I still remember that day like it was yesterday.  I remember the grief and the heaviness in my heart.  “Never forget.”  Honestly, right now, I don’t know how anyone ever could.

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