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Two Turtle Doves – Final Piece

Poor turtles. They can’t even remove their shells to take a shower or brush their teeth without having two inquisitive doves nosing around trying on their wardrobe.  Kind of reminds you of the times when your little sister or brother would go into your closet and put  on your favorite shirt or jeans without permission, doesn’t it?

This one took about two weekends to complete but then again I was multitasking which included drawing, watching a gluttony of US Open tennis matches, and painting what turned out to be an obnoxious yellow color on the bathroom walls (my sister who will be coming down in a couple of weeks will need to peel her corneas back before turning on the lights when she enters the bathroom).

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but the three works that I have posted were created using watercolor pencil on 14″ x 17″ bristol paper.  Someday I will convert over to watercolors but right now, I like the control of  the pencils.

Until next time!


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