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Back to the Drawing Board

It’s really nice to get your life back. For the past two months I’ve been preparing for our company’s annual meeting for 200 of my “closest friends” that was held last Sunday.  Every year these meetings always consume me during that time.

I haven’t done much drawing since then which is kind of crappy.  Out of sheer desperation I launched a full out art assault on church bulletins every Sunday just to get the creative juices flowing.   It’s a good thing I wasn’t around when the female ushers were wearing all white, else they would have thrown me out of the church.

Church Bulletin 1.06.13

This has always been a  good exercise for planning my next project.  I was also able to sketch out yet another potential work called, “New Jerusalem,” a work that was inspired by a plane ride a few months ago.

1.06.13 pt. 2

During Christmas break I went to see my parents in “balmy” Michigan where  there was plenty of snow.  My parents have a tree behind their house that faces a man-made lake in their community.   The lake was covered in ice.  This inspired me to create a piece where I would make the ice in the lake split open exposing the water.  In the water there would be a reflection of  the tree but it would be in full bloom as if it were spring.  I want to call it “Tree Dreams: The Promise of Spring.”  Sounds cool huh?

Well this is my sketch of the tree by itself.  It’s pretty rough but I was just trying to get the general shape of it.  I’m thinking about using some chalk pastels for the final work  –  some grays and some blacks with hints of green.  My goal is to have this completed before springtime.  Since I read that the groundhog did NOT see his shadow this year, I had best get movin’ on this.


Also while I was at my parents on Christmas break I started working on  some Valentines Day sketches. The disappointing part about all of this is that I did not have enough time to really package and market these for sale.  It’s hard to make that quick transition from making Christmas cards to Valentine’s Day cards.

At any rate, here is a sketch that I did for Valentine’s.    I kind of call them my “Wild Hearts” where they just rebel against Cupid.  Who can blame them?  Who wants to be hunted down and shot with a friggin’ arrow?

It’s rare that I ever do a rendering in a sketch book that is  this complete but somehow with just twenty minutes of clarity,  I got it done!  Wish everything was as easy.

Take That Cupid

Oh and I got my printer back! Woo hoo!!  It blew up on me in the middle of printing my Christmas cards in early December.  I did not have the time,  nor the money for that matter to take it to the print doctor until the following month.   I apparently blew out a printhead and it had to be replaced.   Man, did I miss that thing when it was gone!  I couldn’t even do so much as a simple scan.

Again, I’m glad to be back with pen, chalk pastel, and watercolor pencil in hand, ready to rock and roll!

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